He was everything opposite of her pain

They had conscience conversations, sentences damn near finished the same

He was only after her affections 

They had chemistry laced in alcoholic elixir 

Her pleasure was his command 

And he loved his job 

Clocked in early and left late

Only needed short breaks, then back to it

Selfish she was

I think he knew but somehow thought a job well done deserved some kind of credit

She didn't plan it this way at all

He had so much potential the connection, the energy, and the vibe

But somehow all his effort went to replacing the film in her rose colored eyes

In hindsight she thinks, damn you were literally the right guy

But you came along at the wrong time

And I don't wanna mess over you...


Don't finish ma I know the line

Just wish you knew your worth so you wouldn't waste your own time

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