3 AM

Every night is a competition with myself, can this pity party beat last nights?

Probably, watching the news as I realize white skin equates to losing rights,

Wrong? You’re simply ignorant, I understand,

Defund the police? if I had the money I’d move to Florida where they gave LEOs an extra grand,

As the US literally goes to shit in blue states,

The elites are safe with private security behind steel gates,

Power in numbers, but if those numbers are controlled by the few,

We’ve got as much power as the dead cockroach on the bottom on my shoe,

Screw it, high on tar, mainlining, health in every aspect declining,

Digging deep every morning to get out of bed, for motivation I’m deadly mining,

It’s 3 AM, another 3 AM, I’m up, I want to die, Elise is asleep, life for her normalizing,

Blood boiling, veins torn, mind oscillating between rewind and fast forward, dread rising,

We’re cut from completely different cloth, I was tricked for so long,

Right, but I didn’t know everything would be changeless regardless of all her wrong….

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