A Crumpled Note

I'm overthinking again but I feel certain.

My mind is running and I'm shaky.

I'm losing it.

I want to stop my mind.

I wish I could find;

A way to make it stop.

You're not waiting.

You said you're moving on.

You're right, I should stop trying.

You've moved on.

Deep down, I know you still care.

It just doesn't feel like it, sometimes.

You should've just let me jump.

I just wanted someone to talk to.

You're all I want, all I've been wanting.

This hurts so bad.

Just leave me alone.

I don't want to talk anymore.

I guess it's really over.

I'm broken down completely.

I don't know how you feel;

You don't talk to me.

I fucking hate this.

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