A Process of Healing

So I guess it's over.

I'm having a hard time breathing;

But I'll be alright in the end...

I know I will.

I'm so broken.

I'm so hurt right now.

You took my pictures down;

And left him front and center.

I don't want to hurt anymore.

I don't want to cry.

I'm exhausted from the fight.

Go shine your light on him;

I'll sit here in the dark.

I'll make it through the winter.

One day a new sun will rise for me;

And warm me with her light...

I'll appreciate the little things;

I missed in the darkness of the night.

Just don't return when I'm in the process of healing.

There will be no room in my heart for you.

No room for anything that is you.

You left me in a dark place.

Go away from me.

I don't want you anymore.

I won't love you anymore.

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