Your Hateful Face

A memory a flash things best forgotten

The way you loved me

Hidden world mist shrouded you

How could I not see

A love like ours from the start was rotten

The world we walked Hand in hand

The way I loved you

Fully without regret everything new

Ever text hidden from view

Your exploits spread across the land

I did everything I could to please

Never would you let me in

How could I be blind without a clue

You treated me in the end as a sin

All you could do was lead and tease

It’s over now long ago dead

Laughing you left with him

You took everything my will to love too

A chance to win if I had way to slim

Still I hear your voice echo in my head

It’s cold now here in the empty place

How could you be so cruel

Deep inside I always knew

How could I be your willing fool

When will I be free of your hateful face

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