Immortal vows

I know I am not as you

And you are as all others

Blind to the truth that is me

How can you ask me to do

What you will not ask of your brothers

It is wrong this thing

You are right to ask

Once like I, still you will not see

This gift is not as simple as a ring

More a sorrowful task

I will undo in you what is mortal

The world for you will die

As a puppet on strings you will be

Now come and step through my waiting portal

And taste the gift I give, the lie

Out of you flows all life

Consuming your blood is my delight

My happiness is in you the key

Now you’re made my eternal wife

No more with death shall you fight

First your brothers then father

Let us hunt them now like cows

Drink with me deep from their mortal sea

Your sisters and mother we’ll not bother

As you swear by these immortal vows

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