The smile upon my face

In the dream I walk in daylight

Smiling as all pass waving

Knowing I am above them

Flying higher soon they pass from sight

I pass poles of power humming

Their lines a net to ensnare me

Deftly further past them I move

Dreading the truth I know is coming

Day passes to night in a single fury flash

As clouds build swelling and thunder tempest roles

The howling wind bays hard my heals

Till lower the ground now I must pass

Bramble and thorn all hungry my passing

Tearing loving my flesh

The fear of it in me trembles the moment I wake

So here I tremble longer dreamer to dream laughing

The beast hunts harder to my body crawls

Inside it screams out freedom

Tearing out my bowls with out a shred

Let me free that we may feed it calls

And thus I wake as every night past

From time out of memory I suffer this pain

Every new life nothing in me ever to change

Long ago as this monster I was cast

To me never came that beast in horror stands

Stalking my life as food its hunger

Never to was gift or curse an option

Never was I made by other mans hands

In birth this nightmare started before the womb I fell out bleeding

Hunted by myself threw the darkening wood

From with in I stalked my life as a need for life

Never free the shadow of my own shame the pride of feeding

I am what so many would be retched fool

As ever this life unending born again

Over and over this life so many would be immortal

As ever this life unending born again cruel

With pride I laugh upon you that claim my place

In darkness weakness I embrace

That from you I feed to keep my life

Guess yet have you of this lie the smile upon my face?

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