This is the beginning of all I know.

Were in I shall tell nothing to you.

As in your mind you shall perceive

A light as though my words glow

Knowledge held in hands once you knew.

From birth I struggled to find

In my soul darker still shins

Not that I cared but knew of difference

That which you see in eyes blind

A truth of souls all mine.

From age yet born

I was cast aside in hopes of losing

To eyes of others scorn

What was seen as tattered and worn

A life of my own choosing.

Searching in all I saw

For something akin to my lie

Alone and cold in the world of normal

Ever aware by others words my flaw

Begging to heaven above to die.

In all this my only comfort

The gloom of night to wander

Free from words as weapons flung

In towns so blind

To grave side I blunder.

Still not knowing my true inner self

I sit and talk at length with the dead

Not knowing that I am alone

The shades on words put for holding on mental shelf

Still feeling in darkness embrace no dread.

So the black of cloth my skin to hide from taunting stairs

On wounding of strangers dismay

Stumbled hearts to music the soul understands

In clubs underground were those like me better fair

This now throbbing pulse my demise belayed.

Slow and steady like wreaths in the breeze moves

Black clad angles of despair all round sway

Each an island bending to strong winds of heart

Bumped and caressed the dance of souls sooths

Our life's all one here in the dark linked even beyond break of day.

From with out the city breaths and sighs

And our dance goes on inside the pulsing din

To ears sound the words of death our fallen friend

By Hands our own do we go to the garden of lies

Shattered for now the link of darker souls akin.

Now plays the dirge of mornings come

Those songs of praise the fallen son

We stand gathered among the dead as one

The words spoken of thoughts soon fading run

until now we return the pulsing din to feign darker fun.

Er'more than passes in silence pounding beat

Bereft will shattered the cold of deaths grip

And the warmth embraced communal souls trembling

One by one empties the floor for waiting seat

And cold wine drank by havocked sipping lips.

Long days come the going of sorrow

In time weighs slow the lose in heart worn

No end is seen by even the sages among us

Till rising of the sun bringing light for us to borrow

And his lose becomes our gain in memories never lost sworn.

And for so many thousands in this world so tiny

So far away and close by silver webs trembling

Our pain is bled out free to life new given

A simple gift of life was one taken so shinny

From his ashes fresh souls in the darkness assembling.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i have been working on this one for a few years. its still not done but close enough that i feel its ready for posting. more to follow.

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