What dream is this?

With in me is a feeling of isolation

Around me the fortress built to protect my love and interest

The wars with out have passed and I have won against my enemies

But inside the walls it is cold

My love remote as though in another land stands apart from me

Echoing words that feel as cold as the stone around me

Echoing the emotions that I call out in the night

With in these walls

Holding my hand and standing tall in court there are smiles

The jackals that hunt the halls looking for a weakness in the armor of our hearts

Yet none of the frost that touches my heart sees the light of their hunting eyes

So skilled is my queen at the politics of dancing that none ever see how out of step we've become

The stumble of shuffled toes under gowns rich and gleaming,

Still it is cold with in these walls.

I look to her with pleading in my eyes and a growing weakness in my voice

Desperation of need to be warm

I keep the fires burning as best I can, but the fuel for them is dwindling

If it is not I cannot find it, hidden so well against a rainy day

I beg you my queen, add your faggots to the fire, lend your gay voice back to the halls of this fortress

Your voice once was all that was needed to keep the warmth in against the cold of winter

The touch of your hand that now is not your own, hidden from me

What dream are we in that our love is so fractured, and our hearts so set apart as if alone?

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