My ceiling has a flaw

I do not want to fight about it

That's why I chose to write about it

There's something quite not right about it

My ceiling has a flaw


It has a lot of cracks in it

My living room, can't relax in it

Can't even play my sax in it

My ceiling has a flaw


It's not very appealing 

To have a flaw on your ceiling

My mind, it is reeling

With this problem, I can't be dealing


Used to have friends in my living room

Now it's quiet as a tomb

I certainly can understand it

Nobody wants to stand under it

I think somebody blundered it

It's something I've often wondered 


When I informed my landlord of it 

Told me to check with the tenant above it

The tenant, they told me to shove it

Can't take it any more

I'm shaken to the core

My ceiling has a flaw


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