'Dark Steering'

Transportative trance, traversing this tectonic temporal terrain.
Like a champion, with an observant stance, a rival with powers far beyond comprehension.

Talking to me within this; the pathway of my mind, unraveling the center of my processes.
Giving commands, both verbal and not, demanding my actions and then my reactions.
Taking control, of this sudden submission, while wondering about in this temporal storm.

Taken over by light, by chaos and distraction, enjoying the ride beyond my better judgment.
Although, I do have but this one regret.

That, I have this one life to live, with absolute caution, I must find a way for transport back home.
Where I can be safe forever, rest my processes to repair from such a ravaging.
To stand aside until the chains of this sanity can become inevitably undone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired from watching the music vid from Squarepusher of the same name 'Dark Steering'.