Protection And Deflection

Knowing, after the midnight hour has fallen,

Becoming impervious from harm always tend to have its advantages.


Reliant of a counterpart,

With his continuous embrace throughout the night,

Allows for an ease into comfort that is all too delectable.


Two human arms, fortified by compassion magnified;



Set in place, an unyielding grasp careless of betrayal;



Against the daggers that trespass, hailing from the evening sky,

have been known to terrify most.


They shred through the hearts of men,

those less courageous in pursuit of desperate desires.


They are exposed, night after night,

to the grief that surrounds them and shaves them alive.


Such a horror, routine in its faults,

which unfold perpetually to the left of me, to the right of me,

of the unfortunate souls who carry on stark in contrast.


As I fall, into the fold of your arms, I turn to.


Within them, I find shelter,

We lie outstretched on these most treacherous fields, where true inspiration can be found;


Against the blades that plunge deep into hollow walls.


Your two human arms, like armor shiny and new,

Of which I place all trust,

To shield with purpose, I stand behind to banish all these dreadful things unforeseen;


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