Alone Looking at the Garbage Can


As I sit down to dine

I enjoy my meal, even though I can’t sit with my lover accompanying me here at my table

Only because the display of our joint affection would cause discomfort to the masses

So I’m left here, alone looking at the garbage can placed in front of me while others stroll on with smiles plastered,

Dignifying if not mocking,

Teasing me with their ease of acceptance, displaying the love that they share for one another

Leaving me to watch a couple of typical young blondes exchange a typical smooch overlooked by a group of typical old-blueheads as they sigh a typical coo of adornment:


Still, leaving me to ponder:

Is it because of the discomfort of others that I’m left alone looking at the stinking garbage can??

I too want to pronounce the love I’ve found in another

Wave my banner proudly, ignoring and bypassing any discomfort that it may cause to those of the Neanderthal kind

Forget that reeking garbage can, I’m callin’ my baby right now to plaster my lips on top his

And yes, even during the dining of the group of old-blueheads as they oversee with faces contorted with ignorant disgust:


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a collection of thoughts while observing our "oh so normal" society...

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