Trying to make sense out of English (day 6)

take me further into the arms i hAve lost, swing me in the trees that were destroyed years ago. i will listen to the monotony until i Fall asleep. but can we pretend? pretend i am still young enough to realize how old i am. preTend i haven’t discovered how much i don’t know. and want to know. and how much i don’t know about this girl in the mirror. i want to know i will still be here when evErything else fades. the end of something i still haven’t put a name to, like faces blooming in and out of my memoRy from days i haven’t written down. losing spaces in between your lips. losing My mind, which i still haven’t found in over two decades. i have a room at the edge of all the trailoffs and the silences, full of mistakes & montAges, that i curl up in when i want to forget about being human and continue being me. and i can tell it is some sort of ending, some sort of after. where all of the artists and all of the kings will poinT and say, look. there is something we can put at the bottom of a page and the people will still love it. so maybe i will hang it in the trees. that way i can get closer & farther, pull myself back & fortH in your arms across the sky…

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Written 1/6/21


(if you look closely you will find it)

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