Lose-Lose (January day 2)

I have the

diamonds sitting in

my lap and I

still will not stop looking for

the coal / when I sleep it

is his skin seeping

into the abyss/ when

you leave it is you in

my head but not on my

fingertips that slip

down down down / the open

door has you glancing and

I can feel myself

writing us out of

your story / there is

something out there I

am not ready to face

without fighting a lose-

lose situation / but this

one is not a question

of uncompromise it is

just me / me standing

hopes-deep in the

sand losing everything so

can you tell / can you

tell me which hinges

to push and pull so

I can have you

back again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/2/21

Open door

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