In Case You Didn't Notice


In case you were gone,

the puppet strings inside me

collapsed and hit the ground.


And you say I couldn’t ever

get you

but I don’t have to understand to be in



In case you weren’t watching,

my tears were filling up the street.


And you say the water’s


but there’s a difference between beautiful and



and right now the bitter is stronger.


In case it was just a blur for you,

that was the first time the nightmares subsided


and for a while I was sipping on clover

and blue printed paper

and your skin

instead of train tracks and brokenness

and everything about this memory.


In case you weren’t listening,

I stood by the cliff’s edge

and called your name again and again and again and again and


in case you didn’t notice,

I was falling apart at the seams for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/26/16

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