It gets a little tiring

fighting back, fighting back

And you say the world owes you

there’s nothing that you lack

but this rhyme that reaches

through a sinking soul

is so far from your fingers

it’s in a whole other world


It gets a little lonely

up here staring into space

You’re too busy pretending

to ever show me your face

and you waltz down the aisle

your body tipped with gold

while I sit here and remember

dread December’s biting cold


But no, really, I love

I love winter’s every day

I’ll follow it into next year’s dawn

just to chase the pain away

because anything’s better than

watching your sparkling hands

and your ethereal beauty

pretend to be someone you’re not.


A rhyme, a rhyme, I wrote it

just for you, just for you

But when I speak in halfway rhymes

sometimes the story falls apart too

So instead of chasing daydreams

and singing everything’s all right

I’ll fall with you on hands and knees

down the same cliff every night


And I’ll tell it like it is,

life’s a tough and broken game

and when we speak about it

like it’s the glory and the fame

no one knows we’re pretending

except me, you, and the breeze

So it’s better we pretend

that famous is all we need to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/14/16

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