A broken rose trampled 'neath

the voice of careless thought,

fallen petals ripped away

upon a thorn are caught.

Bitter call the restless winds

to tear the petals down,

as silent fall all shaming tears

that perfect bloom to drown.

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Interesting write.

Nicely stated.  --  Stephen

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Thank you Stephen. sue.

Thank you Stephen. sue.

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Thank you, I tried to capture

Thank you, I tried to capture all the emotions and confusion when spmeone

inadvertently hurts another. :)

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"Upon a thorn are caught"

We could all be nicer. People who are unkind to horribly violent do not feel guilt, too busy bullying and practicing me-onlyism. Now is the time for helping, not wising or doing harm. Evil does not experience Guilt. Sad.


Great lines. Well articulated the result of ill sent actions and words. "Do no harm" part of the hypocratic oath.

Lady A