~ Could We ~ ( Its been a while )

Could you spare a minute.

I have a pot with fresh tea

in it.


Could you spare the time,

to step along the path

sit in friendship with me,

share my waiting hearth.


Could you spare a word

or two, to speak upon 

the phone, or send a text

so I shall know, I am

not alone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thinking of those elderly parents living alone who's children have moved away or just become too busy to remember they are still family members, just as much as their own children are. Ring them keep them in the family loop so they know they are not outsiders.

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Could you spare a minute.

I had a Friend I visited three times a week in a nursing home for ten years.  His family never visited him. ---- Stephen

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Thank goodness you cared

Thank goodness you cared about him, that is heartbreaking. Sue.

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After Elders Die

Young family members think the could have come or called more often. The elderly could call but do not want to disrupt lives and wait. Not all families forget though. ~ s ~



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You are absolutely right, so

You are absolutely right, so many unknown reasons can stop families 

losing touch, such a shame because those days once lost are gone forever.