A family wedding

A family wedding

By jfarrell


Uncle Peter got married when I was 5 or 6;

An arranged marriage, a promise made long ago;

Our family here in London reunited with those in Ireland;

A new company and ‘jobs all round’.


At the reception I met a boy near my age

My new cousin John

And a work friend of my uncle’s (might even have been best man)

‘Uncle Brian’.


It started right there, with everyone watching;

“We’re running out of drinks,

Mind if me and these two lads, here, go and get some?”

Running out of drink? don’t just stand there, go get some.


For the next several weekends

Uncle Brian took us to fly kites,

Ride boats on the lake, go to fun fairs

And it was my first football match.


Each tripped included a visit to the public loo’s

With new games to learn and lots of sweet and comics;

The promised trip to Wales, was just a sham;

Locked in bedsit with 2 men being repeatedly raped.


After that, John and his family went back to Ireland;

With their company and ‘jobs all round’.

Uncle Peter blames me for ruining his marriage

And my dad had to beat the ‘gayness’ outta me


Families, eh? Don’t you just love them?



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families - you can't choose them and you can't kill them

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