Day 12 is a bugger

Day 12 is a bugger

By JFarrell


I am still sober;

Yay :)

And I slept through last night,

First time in 11 days;

Still woke soaked in sweat,

But, that can’t be helped.


And, I hurt.

Stomach cramps,

Aches everywhere;

I am so exhausted.

Last couple of days,

All been up and down;

Monstrous rages, so angry,

Followed by,

Can hardly keep my eyes open,

Falling asleep where I stand.


I will not give up!

However much my body hurts me,

It will learn - I am in charge.

And, I am tempted, so tempted;

I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t.

One sip, one gulp

My body would feel better.


But, I have come so far,

These past 11 - 12 days;

Unbelievably far.

I hardly recognise the face that stares back from the mirror.

I will not throw away what I have accomplished,

And I will beat this addiction.


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wont give up