Your Fault, Do Something

Your Fault, Do Something

By JFarrell


Look around you;

This is all your fault

And mine.


The rich ever prospering,

The poor forever growing.

An 18 week old baby beaten to death;

Teenagers stabbing each other to death.

Food banks ever busier,

More and more hospitals closing;

If you’re old and need care,

Sell your home to pay for it.


And we won’t get into the wars,

The terrorism, the famines…


This is all your fault,

And mine.




Stop voting for liars,

Stop believing they are better than you,

They are not.

Get out there,

Feed the hungry,

Give hope,

Make a difference!

Let’s please stop closing our eyes,

Get out there

And make this world a better place.


Because if you don’t,

No-one will.


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