still peasants

Still Peasants

By JFarrell


John Lennon wrote “you think you’re so clever, so classless and free, but you’re still f**king peasants, as far as I can see.”



Look around,

What do you see?

Wretches, kings, heroes, villans?

Look at the marvels we have made;

Buildings that reach the clouds,

Ships that can reach the moon,

Telescopes that can see the beginning of Everything;

We even split the atom,

And today, we’re creating particles.


We think we’re so clever;

We think we better ourselves;

So, why do we still work, slave-like,

Working all hours,

Just to survive?

Making rich people wealthier,

While we strive,

Harder and harder.


My friends,

We are not classless;

Though some may have the luck to make it big,

The vast majority of us

Will still be peasants.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

working class hero, one of my favourite songs from John Lennon

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