my dragon

My Dragon

By jfarrell


I’m gonna make a dragon;

I wanna write a book, maybe

(not sure I can do that)

But, I gonna make a dragon.


And my dragon stinks!!!!

The day after a fire,

Still damp,

That musky, burnt everything smell.


It’s a comforting smell,


If you just breathe in, deep,

And reach into that smell.


It feels like a tree in the very early morning,

Damp, slimey, veiny…

And it moves,

Ever so slightly.

There, again…



Press against the solid and listen.

Ba-doom. Ba-doom. Badoom.. badoom…

It’s like a heartbeat.

It is a heartbeat.



My dragon will be made of words,

And, here, it was born, it is born.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath….

What does your dragon look like?


I bet it’s beautiful :)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'd love to write a fantasy book :) honest

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