+ 27.225 MHz 131: LXXVI; On Romans 8:29

The soul, spared and relieved, finds great elation

in God's gracious gift of predestination:

although this sovereign act makes me feel humbler---

that Christ, the Maker of the Universe,

reach down to me, a sinful, clumsy bumbler,

steeped, stained, and stymied by sin's penal curse,
and spared me from a well deserved damnation,

and wrote my name in His book of Salvation,

His righteousness now mine by imputation.

This stirs my soul to joyous exultation;

but never should be cause or provocation

for any sense of pride or exaltation---

which caused the great fall and the degradation

of that which brings a sordid accusation,

against the brethren, in its desperation

knowing its sentenced, final destination

in Lake Fire's agonizing inflamation.






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