Footnote: November 9, 1888; To Mary Jane Kelly

Despite his or her

efforts, the delight of your


sparkles, starlike, from that night---

more than thirteen decades since.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this while listening to Frampton's song, "Baby I Love Your Way."  The second stanza of that song is the most perfect poetry I have ever heard in a rock song at any time, in any place.  I first heard it, complete (and not the truncated 45rpm version) on Christmas Day of 1976, and have never gotten over that first, and still present, opinion.

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The Ripper's finale.


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Thank you.  Like many of the

Thank you.  Like many of the amateur ripperologists, I like to think she survived the encounter or, like some suggest, avoided it altogether {depending on whose explanation of who that body was that you read or accept).  We know more of her personality than the others'; we even know what she liked to read (she had box of English novels, the titles now taught in 19th century English Lit classes). 


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