Your Love

I’m not sure where you came from

I can’t even explain what you’ve done

The girl I was, to the women I’ve become

From my shoulders you’ve lifted a ton

You seem to make everything seem all right

I can see so much more clearly now

Vision to my eyes, once blinded from sight

I don’t know what you did or even how,

I now know happiness like never before

When all emotions were lost deep inside

Chained and locked behind a closed door

I felt like the biggest part of me had died

But now life seem so much brighter

The sun, it now warms my once frozen heart

Brought down so low, but still labeled a fighter

Never to open up, but given a new reason to start

It never seems to end, this love you’ve given me

No need to pretend, you’re all I want and more

Encouraging me to be the person I want to be

But your love is nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm so lucky to have found you. Love you so very much. xoxo

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