When I Was Your Girl

I was always afraid of being alone

Terrified of the thought but never shown

The days of loneliness plagued me

To be alone forever I would always be

I thought I needed a man to show me the way

Here by my side he would have to stay

Together so long my loneliness grew

I was feeling so alone when I was with you

Couldn't believe the pain I felt inside

So many tears my eyes had cried

You wiped them away each time for sure

Promised to me alone, your love was pure

The deeper that I fell in love with you

More rapidly, painfully, this loneliness grew

By myself walking, I'm holding your hand

These tears, this pain, it wasn't planed

It hurt so bad I questioned what to do

I couldn't be forever alone with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's amazing how alone you can feel in a relationship, I never knew that feeling even existed until recently. I think the title might need changing. Give me your thoughts.

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