Your Fake

Keep talking your shit

Cause in your face I'll spit

On the lies that come from you

But guess what I say fuck you too!

You fool some but not me anymore

I see your fake, I didn't see it before

It's because of you the world is full of hate

You can never clean off your slate

You laugh your fake laugh and smile your fake grin

Some will never know what lies beneath your skin.

Try to change you, some have tried

Can you even count how many times you have lied?

How many times you have made a tear run down a cheek?

Soon enough no one will believe what you speak.

Keep on digging your grave it's not quite deep enough

Keep on acting all cool thinking your tough

You lie and you hurt

Why havent you learnt?

That you can't cheat your way through life

You crawl along the blade of the knife

But soon you'l slip and cut yourself

What your doing it's not good for your health

Cause someday someone wont take your shit

And upon you pretty little face they'll hit.

You'll be knocked on your ass

Leave you  bleeding, oh but alas

Your friends will know just who you are

And by that I mean you wont get very far

Your fake you know it, it's all in the air

And in your fake eyes I take long to stare

Fuck you, yeah you heard me right

Get this right I don't want to fight

Just letting you know it's all in the clear

I guess in a way I am what you fear

Your only fooling one person, and I make bets you know who

The person your foolin is none other then you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok... I said it before and I'll say it again, I don't like fake people. You can give your lies and your pain to someone else. I wrote one  like this about the world but this is just about the fake people you know who you are. I'm a nice person, so why's you come and try and hurt me?

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