love immortal

Soul mates

Where are you
My eternal?

I crave you
once again.



Pounding flesh,
Swollen aching;
Nothing but
Symptoms of
A need for 
higher connection.



I rejoice in
the burning ache
Of desire.



I send my soul out
In search of you on the wind.

I know our moment

Is close.



I feel you in my skin
I sense you in the air
I hear you in the wind.



These are all natural and dying things
these things Are not of our love,



Let the glorious day come
When we cast off the weight of these skins
These anchors of flesh and
bone to find eachother;



Where, for that small
Space in between
We are one light

unsepreated by cruel birth
And unmoving stars.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just Love soulmate theories... Can u tell?

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