the roses dont smell the same

I need something beautiful to lift my soul,

more than the daintiest flower struggling through a crack on a high wall to finally bloom

more than the touch of a playful breeze dashing and cheekily swirling in a game of tip

more than the warm hands that hold yours on a cool day in june in the park

I need to feel something to lift my spirit

more than the exuberant chuckle of a chubby baby discovering the wonder of peek-a-boo

more than that warm hug when our heartbeats rise to meet eachother

more than the thing that makes you more than any thing

I need to blot out the dark with my own kind of light

The world is going crazy and this volatile hatred paints a picture of cruel blacker than black's darkest red

give me a more fanciful attraction rather than this morbid distraction

my soul hurts and my spirit is wandering

my body doesnt know the way

give me those inncent pleasures with out the stench of fear, make everything ok

bring me back to life, the one of better days.

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