Let me written by dovely

Let me peer into thy Soul




 Let me

Peer in thy Soul

Let me peer into thy soul, let me see

that which I thinketh thou'st could so feel

So I gaze upon thy fine artistry

and try to uncode thy feelings so real


Thy epressions deep and right from the heart

some say thy heart can sometimes so bleed

Thy powerful words like a fine piece of art

Into tangible lines our eyes to feed


However vague, seeping into our minds

What is true dear,but thy sweet expressions

Whether it be sorrow, or joy in kind

Thy artisty is thy true profession


From the soul thy words expresses true self

and that is a blessing from thy true wealth




Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by SSmoothie: Artistry http://www.postpoems.org/authors/ssmoothie/poem/972996

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dove...this is a lovely piece. it's soft, tender, expressive, and is a good display of your talent. Ssmoothie is an inspiration and a wondrous writer. 

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Yes dear smoothie is a great

Yes dear smoothie is a great talent, what she wrote in few lines took me a whole sonnet to explain, lol....JK   but I love trying to weave magic from her wonderful words! Thanks for your lovely words hun .. smiles!

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