The love song never sung



What's the time? It seems its already morning 

i see the sky it's so beautiful and blue

why do I feel so alive when your near

there's no way any hurt can get through 

you are always on my mind,

you are always on my mind

i wonder where you are tonight 

You dont know how long I've been waiting 

and I was gonna tell you tonight 

how do I get you alone? 


when the day gets dark over a thousand streets 

and feel your heart is a living beat.

And you feel the fire of getting close

that's when I think of you,

I go mad but that's all that I can do

If not for the thought of you,

the promise of dreams come true 

i go mad not being with you

I have visions of a future 

that could never come true 

but the thought of you

living here in my mind 

gets me through 

your voice is calling to to me 

time after time, 

time after time...

Suddenly everything has changed,
Driving home the sky accelerates,
sometimes you wonder if the fight is worthwhile
spending my time

watching the days go by 

feeling so small,

I stare at the wall

hoping that you are feeling it too

what have I, what have I done to deserve this? 

How am I gonna get through? How I gonna get through? 
our love is the heat in fire yeah but
break the rules and it all falls apart 
and that little piece of living turns to dust...

suddenly, I don't need the answers, 

all I need is a miracle,

all I need is you.

if only I could turn back time

and save what we had...

if only I could... 

Then I could sing you that

love song yet to be sung 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tinkering around with lyrics of fave songs ;) crafty drafty... Have a guess which songs if you're game ;) 

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