a love letter.

Why do you hate me for loving you?
Why do you ridicule my example?
A soul who took it upon themself
To save all no matter what belief
And this cost, ambitious as it seems
Was left as a coupon forever to redeem
Irrelevant whether it brings you
The worth you want
it's about what you need
Impossible as it seems
would you ever conceive
To even take a risk and try?
That's the beauty of this story
That someone loved you
before they even met you
Enough to save your life
And those you love

Why does your religion despise mine?
Mine does not despise yours.
Infact mine demands I love you more
Mine does not say stay away
Mine says get closer.

Please don't hate me because
I'm colour class and culture blind
I just want to treat you right
In thanks for an amazing feat
Some average soul was born to try
And in that earnest honest attempt
Is where the greatness lies
Don't hate me for what I recognise,
My hope is that you too will one day realise
where The Greatness within you lies.

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