When you judge a person
by the colour of thier skin
instead of their deeds
its just not right,
no matter who does it.



An ass is an ass
Unless its an ass
Assuming its that ass
You can assume that ass
Is the ass of the ass
That assess ass and asses
That is the asinine theory of Dariwnism

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Charles Darwin's critical race theory created this white supremacy idea. He hated God and wanted to be powerful. The way he described the races says it all. God created us as equal, tge Devil spends forever trying to convince you that power is sucking life out of something and abusing to gain power and rationalising it as survival of the fittest and evolution of the body and mind yet cannot prove in any conclusive infallible way that any genetic link is confirmed. But hey, if you repeat the lie big enough and often enough you can make it consensually true. Each species has its own unique genetic code, a replicated with some varients  but there is no proof that it will bring a new species (that can reproduce and is genetically different) for example dwarfism. Anomaly but not a new species or race as darwin defines it. This person needs to be properly discredited. Critical race theory is an evil divisive tool.

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