Its more often than I care to admit 

I don't like you much 

I just don't like when you do what you do 

And say what you say 

The double double standards 

The inept ability to read me 

distracted attention 

Yes no so 

The lack of retention 

The disregard of regard 

The hierarchy of your life 

Does not seem to mesh with mine 

But still, I sometimes melt in your eyes 

And still sometimes I feel your soul burn with mine 

Sonetimes your touch lifts my spirit 

Sonetimes your strong arms heal my fears

Sometimes every now and then 

You become my everything 

Sometimes my reason to live 

And sometimes I don't mind the most times 

You drive me fucking nuts 

Because I know it will all make sense and cone together perfectly some time.




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I use to love roller coasters

I use to love roller coasters in my younger years... I'm more into a nice slow steady pontoon boat ⛵ nowadays.  You're keeping it real in writing though, Smooth... As always.