What do you mean by it?


The second most racist comment I've ever heard.

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Almost as racist as blackness.

So this is what cancel culture has come to.  Dr. Seuss is racist.  Insanity run amuck.

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How anyone offended by a

How anyone offended by a Chinese man eating with chopsticks and an Indian man riding an elephant is beyond me. We have our cultures and our stereotypes. What a bland ugly world some people want. Arrogant pomps think that they can parent the world into cardboard cut-outs. If you let it happen it will. Where is the push back? The nerve on his birthday to strike all Seuss books from educational reading lists. The world just got a lot less kinder, free er and a whole lot dumber. Heck yeah I am mad. Come at me you sensoring birches.

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Doc Suess Racist

Huh? I grew up Lil Black Sambo and Step N Fetchit. All literature evolves. Stereotypical removal means 3/4 of world (colonial) lit would leave shelves. Same for movies and tv. Statue removal, flag removal - the history remains. An attempt to apologize, amend, or erase past - literature evolves. Editors make choices, public makes purchases. grass skirts? Somebody call National Geographic!