Make of it what you Will

Induction centres,

not Socratic or esoteric seekers of better,

but dumbed down distracted hyper emotionalism and distortion

playing against the standards of natural experience and interpretation and survival rising to contextual mapping.

Its lost. We are lost.

those of us who can still think,

how can this world be so easily hijacked?

We let it.

Fear of death.

it only took threatening to kill off  0.0001%

3.4% unnecessary.

They're done 

We're done.


I wait for my zombie assassin

They don't need to physically kill me

Just a Ratchet constantly twisting 

to metaphorically and intellectually kill me, 

And my dream future

Shotgun any thought ability I may have passed on to my progeny.

They are immune to common sense

They bow to social mass propaganda and pressure. No inclination for truth seeking or verifying.

They bought the illusion hook line and sinker.

Lost inside themselves.

No touch,

no communion,

6ft degrees of separation.

Now I wait for the silent revolution

to drown my once fierce voice of conviction

to my own conviction

as a traitor of the state of lies

Convicted by my very own.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dont have to like you to love you x

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