How to know you have been radicalised by the Right

you call offensive speech hate speech 


You believe in unnatural ideas and that they are infact natural and that you have been programmed to accept unnatural behaviour 


You shut down debate and free speech 

Unless it is ideas you like and resonate with.


You believe everyone else is stupid because they don't have the same view as you 


You believe what your idols say without question

You dont tolerate the beliefs of others


You believe that their propaganda is harmful and a programming tool for the sheep.


You believe everyone should think like you or else!


You hate people because of their culture or belief system does not match yours 


You want to rewite or erase history 


You preach people with the opposite views hate you, are insane and are to be feared and overcome.


You belive you are entitled to use extreme violence, hate speech, supression and abuse because your cause is just.

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