A loud silence across the ways


His bleeding is not of my doing 

but I stand helpless in my own blood

vetted by innocent sacrifice 

the ideology was imprinted 

now the guilt bares more shame

than anything that could counter it

redemption is the only goal

But I cannot speak to those who will not listen

and can not heal a wound not seen 

or share a truth untasted 

sweet justice stalks me 

watching peril befall on helpless beings 

and have condemned my words with apathy

as they scream a silent scream 

so loud it Pierces my own subconsciousness 

a rape and torture of sleep and waking 

when I wake I am lonely 

when I sleep I do not dream 

a death of nothingness 

a prelude to another silent scream 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What’s in your head

whats behind your perception of reality

do not feed the monster 

kill them with kindness 


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