What if Depression is

the refusal to practice the art of appreciation 

instilled by the allowance of dark and demonic forces 

and the general acceptance of the dark arts 

to impose its will and ideology on you by

casual acceptance and participation in

seemingly harmless ritual sciences

convincing you further with

horosopes, tribalism, atheism, politics, list IS endless  


if suffering from a depression 

the answer is a spiritual one

as the problem itself stems

from a lack of faith and hope in the something greater

some thing that transcends the physical.  

are you brave enough, or desperate enough to try?

cast it out! 

cast out the demons

cast out the devil and his tricks.

say it directly out loud 

with 100% conviction 

it has no power over you at all! 

You only believed it does unitil this moment.


Belief is powerful! 

I’ve seen it ime and time again, 

the war for worship.

it will make you turn to alternative arts,

looking for validation  


I hear the spells in the music all the time 

you can do magik... fell the magik in the air...

get some Jesus into you why not? 

youve let everything else in? 


When magik

replaces the word miracle 

it always implies the self is in control 

and should be as a natural order of function 

the truth is, 

the only thintg you’re in control of is your choices 

not the range of choices.

not the situation that brings you to the choice.

and depression is a lack of understanding 

or acceptance that everyone has this restraint 

that you are inferential because your excuses total more 

Or your tragedies stack up higher.


some say it is a lack of passion 

and I tend to  agree theres no greater power to

please anymore. Not father, not mother,

not lover, not community,

just the money machine and mass acceptance

and validation of complete strangers.

of basic man your actual equal... 

It’s something that doesn’t realy fire the soul

like altruism, like simple kindness that will not 

impress but will be appreciated and valued by Good.


Fear, and shame...

We cetainly don’t want such a higher power

having control over us and trying to validate us

cetainly not God the unfathomable mystery,

which to me is a mystery in to self 

life has happened. Forces are plainly at work,

fear and anxiety have a grip 

why when people were so much happier with less 

do we sit in our closed world of mind numbing addictions 

screen time, and more screen time,

then drink and food time?

When simply helping others,

which instils a strong sense of self

and requires nothing but effort for a rich reward

of being needed, valued, and respected 

is pushed to the side for self gratification 

and the illusion that true happiness and passion lies

somewhere else or in someone else other 

than between the struggle between you and God 

who would never seek to control you

or force you to need God by taking away your free will.

this is unconditional love and you already have it

regardless of who you are 

how bound up in spells you are 

cast it off! 


You have always been free 

trapped by your own deception 

by the ultimate deciever 

no one has written you a purposeless, passionless 

unvalued life. 

You just aren’t appreciating the obvious 

that life is not a choice but, 

you are the chooser of how your life happens 

in any minute of any moment when 

choice arrives at your door.


choices Arent easy 

they require faith and hope and a whole lot of 

investing and investigation 

but an easy life is no life 

and that is the beauty of the struggle 

the tension of mystery 

that fuels us to the great beyond 

good choices and bad merging together

for a life lived far less ordinary...


of course none of this works with out the other greatest 

tools of life patience and discipline 

the avariced,

the gluttons,

the cheats,

the jealous,

the lustful, 

and vengeful, 

sloths need not apply

but are most sincerely encouraged to.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

just one take on it

i hope it adds to your arsenal of I’m going to be ok strategies 

this is the only strategy I ve ever. needed 


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