Erotisplasmia and other hopes

Heart beats flicker in and out of time at the mention of your name and modify  the energy equation to leap mountains in your presence 

the peace and clam tangled with a rushing river of emotions 

defying the well accustomed laws of time nature and space 


I glow

you beam

the closer we get the more harmonized our rhythms of life 

one beats in the others silence 


eyes locked in some strange ethereal fequence transmit confessions that won't dare slip from trembling lips 

suspended in space and time the moment seeps into forever endless revolutions of highs and lows all this missing and longing translated into a mass relief 


shedding our skins melding into one beautiful energy crested by a haloed aura a molten wave of dexterity with delicate flourishes and playful and graceful splashes of color mass and light moving through moods and finally settling to coalesce in the tranquil of home 


suddenly ripped apart by those who insist on living in the finite realms of life 


you were once again so beautiful, and once again feel emptier than the last time the void took over

At least If we can't have now 

we will always have forever


ever waiting 

yours sincerely love.

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we can always have

we can always have forever,nice thoughts,i liked it

ron parrish