Denying God

What are you really afraid of? 

Safe in your ivory towers of delusion 

Or am I? 

No i am exposed 

Hung out by my flesh to be flailed

Lashed by ridicule from forked toungues 

Degraded, rejected and slaughtered 

But fearless


A force emboldened by a power so humbling 

So liberating 

Where my sins congress trying to overcome me 

To no avail 

I wipe them away with hope in the hope of holys 

Joy and deep appreciation of man worlds and eternity

I placed an ember in my heart and grew a fire if righteousness 

Growing more complete in faith each day 

I gave up to win 

I found joy 




But i also found the uglyness and lies

The spells cast to bind me into 

Apathy dont work anymore

Rage is dispersed with such an efficiency righteousness takes form to temper tempers

Just as laws tempered with mercy the spirit of the law is the fruits 





Self control 

Love &


Law without love is ruthless 

Love without law is fruitless 

I am a garden of untold delicacies and beauty

And trasnformed by the acceptance of truth

That i am not alone

Not unloved


And free! 

If only you'd come see.

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