Left, right - neither

What is right is not hard 

And whats left isnt easy 

But ultimately we know right from wrong 

Power from disempowerment 

Loss and gain 

Civil society entails freedom and grace 

Where tge fuck is yours? 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Super freaky reactionists need to be put back in their box. 

Done a lifetime of research, dedicated my life to redemption studded with failures and dragged my soul from the deep delusions more than a few thousand times. How much easier it is to forget and believe others are handling it for you wake up they are handling you. Bite that hand freding you pouson when all is said and done we are humanity. Government has no business getting in the way if our living, our beliefs, our future  neither do we need socialism to guide our so calked mis guided ways  all we need is ten rules the ability to distinguish right from wrong and something to believe in and work for  i like peace  how about you? Whose going to convince the others? Whose gonna vote with their feet? Raise your hands! 

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