One more plea

The sound of silence making crazy seem inane 

Patterns cross over 

Stars herald the ages of ages 

As life dissipates into mindless existence 

Devoid of agapi 

Worthless for the love of a man

Fallen Angel 

Broken wings 

Believing they are Souless

They march

captives of perdition 

In a never ending fable 

Racing to the inevitable end

Time is of no concequence

It circles oblivion

Laughing at our attempts of ingenious madness

Ego and humility barking silence

Truth ducking in and out of plain sight

Luck has nothing to do with it

A choice away from Condemnation 

At any moment 


To the truth

In their faces.


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allets's picture

Time Circles Oblivion

The ultimate emptiness image - bravo. Well said, totally bleak and tortured ~allets~