The 12th Son of sin

The false son of the false prophecies

Sets the false prophesy to come to life 

Rush rush the beast will be rising sooner

And Isa will fall because of The godless government 

Who leaves this fight to the pious people between the many beasts who come to proclaim glory. Corrupt temples as two main bessts fight for supremacy but the story was told in the days of old and this is the truth

the light from light the latter a phalacy 

The Northern kiss of death does the 12ths son's dirty work 

The witness Rushes to speak 

the candle by the olive grove 

The other witness  

Lights by the other grove 

And in the centre

The crescent moon and stars bid its arrival 

The one thing that binds us is the one that destroys God.

The false message will create false wonders and claim he is a man 

The true will prove greater and thus no doubt will remain 

I ran and as serious as cancer that  i could assert the truth 

But none would listen 

Like the boy who cried wolf 

A fairy tale fable. 

The revelation came

The Achilles heel in the beasts brow 

7 years 

7years old 

A war 

Angel of death versus angel of life 

The sun burns white 

The blood drop center screams 

The sickle reaps the stars 

The crescent moon wanes 

And the beast beats his mark into brows

7 the seals are broken 


And the number 18 cut by 3 

The other candle leaves god only to return like the prodigal son

And rises but does not attack the beast but with love and compassion renders it silent 

And in the silence Isa is liberated 

The mountain splits in two 

Pals with eachother half and half they destroy as they are destroyed and isa will rise and all other kingdoms and nations flail with their last breaths.

Time marches on 

Our Lives do not.


Be brave 

Be strong 

Life will go on 





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I'm am 

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