Extremely bareft and mourning the loss of traditional society where hedonism was a subltle undercurrent not the societal norm. I am living in a sea of blind sheep passified with acronyms and key word ideologies that are so vague it sickens me. The lack of intelligent thought or compassion for anyone unless aligned with their own personal goal is astounding. I am a Christian a very open minded one, but this hatred I am experiencing for my beliefs from unenlightened individuals has grown in me a deep sadness. So now I am forced to defend myself against a tirade of bigotry and a law that has departed from compassion for victims to aligning with perverse desires that harm others as they are not consensual, they are ungodly at the base level and the persecution remains as we accept all and they accept us none. May the good lord Bless you and keep you safe. I have no desire to write my hate of issues where beautiful persons will have more pain. The strong suffer more for it. I am afraid of if I crack what I might unleash!  My world needs the fruits of the spirit more desperately than ever and I am fighting my human complexion with a ferocity I have never faced before. Hugss n love.

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