Muslims most hated around the world

Congratulations I S.  However, they didn't do it alone. He who lives and recruits by the sword dies by the sword. The innocent die martyrs. There are no winners when religion is twisted into politics and a show of power. Or taken out. If no one speaks against then those are the good men who do nothing which is worse than the expectations of the bad who do as they are expected. Peace and tollerance is an illusion a HATEFUL secret breeding and bubbling under the surface when the minority mouths rights they never had to change what they have no right to. Take a bow. ALL OF US, the silent and the hushed the deafening and unsilenced. Let's talk about it. But are we really ready to listen for the sake of the innocent? 

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In Times Of Tragedy

English speaking peoples come together and mourn and have enough anger and energy to voice an opinion and do "something" to help someone who needs it. It is how we roll. Then we go back to our lives and go to sleep. Most of us. A few get the bug and enter politics. That is also how we roll. A good read for me. Innocent vs the guilty - compassion vs action. Well expressed and I concur - Stella -