Microsoft MD-100 Exam: Advantages of Using Practice Tests in Your Preparation

Have you ever dreamed of higher professional recognition, a pay rise, a promotion or even a more interesting job? We can say that all this is possible but you have to invest some time, money, and determination before. You’re right, we are speaking about IT certifications.

Nowadays, there are so many various credentials that IT professionals can easily find the most effective one to validate their skills. Microsoft certification program is one of the most respected in the IT world. It proves professionals’ skills in technology through industry-standard exams such as MD-100 which covers all the concepts of Windows 10 and many more. The post is dedicated to the details of this test. But firstly, let’s take a look at a whole certification path.

Microsoft Certification Path

Microsoft awards IT professionals with credentials based on the following distinct levels:

·      Entry-level—this is the basic certification level where candidates who have a desire to start a career in IT should begin. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is the credential offered at this level.

·      Associate level— it is the advanced level that showcases the fundamental understanding of current technology. Here, the MCSAs are gained by successful professionals.

·      Expert level— this is the top tierstage of Microsoft credentials. It showcases that a professional has the expert skills and knowledge when it comes to technology. MCSEs and MCSDs are the certifications of this level.

Below, we’ll review the associate-level Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator credential, the path to earning it and the details of one of its corresponding exams - MD-100.

What You Need to Become Certified?

Earning the Microsoft credential requires a candidate to prepare and pass the certification exam(s). To clearly understand how you can be the next professional with the associate-level Microsoft 365 credential for Modern Desktop Administrator by passing MD-100 exam, let’s analyze what this particular assessment entails.

The Microsoft MD-100 exam measures the candidates’ ability to manage data and devices, deploy, and maintain Windows and configure connectivity. To earn the abovementioned credential, you should also pass the second assessment -MD-101 test (Managing Modern Desktops). On the other hand, you will be required to take only MD-101 in case you had already passed 70-698 exam before it expired on March 31, 2019.

To sit for MD-100 exam, a candidate has to pay an exam fee of $165. As not to lose your money and pass the test in the first attempt, you should prepare for it adequately. One of the perfect ways of ensuring that you are ready to nail MD-101 exam is using practice tests. Keep reading to know where to get tested and trusted materials for your upcoming exam.

Where to Find Reliable Practice Tests?

While mock tests consist of exam questions and answers you should choose the most reliable resource to get them as not to obtain wrong or expired files. Fortunately, there are several sites that have gained recognition among candidates and helped them pass the tests with flying colors. One of these websites is

On this platform, you’ll find free practice tests in the vce format for your MD-100 exam preparation as well as a Premium Bundle with an expert-validated vce file, a study guide, and a course of lectures. This bundle will cost you only $49,99. To practice, you’ll also need the VCE Exam Simulator which mirrors the real test environment. Let’s see all the benefits of practice tests and the required software further.

Advantages of Preparing with Practice Tests

The practice tests such as those from help the candidates to build a solid and profound understanding of the concepts needed. Let’s observe some of the advantages of using them for your prep.

ü  Improved memorization

Memorization is the solid component in every academic exam in which the candidate is required to showcase his/her understanding. Practice tests take you through a series of questions based on the concepts featured in MD-100 exam. As a result, you will have to remember the information you’ve gained during your studies. But, although practice exams come with answers, don’t set a goal to memorize them all. Don’t forget, that exam providers may change some questions so it would be better for you to understand and memorize the sense of the tasks and don’t avoid using other prep resources.

ü  More confidence

Going throughreal questions from past exams is a way of building your confidence to sit for the mainassessment because you will get used to the nature of the tasks. Thus, you will get more convinced in your success when sitting for the main exam because you have already passed several trial ones.

ü  Time management

One of the key factors which the candidate must always put into consideration is time management. Several candidates fail to hit the passing score due to not having this skill.Note, that MD-101 exam usually has 40-60 questions that are designed to be completed within 180 minutes. Practicing with the VCE Exam Simulator, you can set the time limits to get used to them. Thus using this software along with reliable practice tests you’ll gain skills to manage your time adequately.

ü  Know the Exam Environment

Practice tests that you can download online from are always the best since you can purchase and use them in the comfort of your home or on the go. In the VCE Player, you can create, edit and take your own trial exams, explore the results and reduce your anxiety by becoming familiar with the exam environment.

Career Prospects

There are several job roles which a professional can assume after getting the badge in Microsoft 365 for Modern Desktop Administrator. Some of them include Desktop Support Engineer, IT Consultant, etc. Besides, these job roles are also associated with lucrative benefits: you can earn up to $122k annually according statistics provided on the website.


Getting certified is a perfect step in ensuring that you have the relevant skills and knowledge of solving the real-world problems that arise every day. The Microsoft MD-100 exam equips you with all you need to build a successful career in the Information Technology arena. Today, with the help of practice tests from, preparing for certification exams is easier than before. Make up your mind today and enjoy the career prospects in the future!

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