Sweet Land of Teddy Bears


I dream a dream of

teddy bears

Button eyes that pen no tears


Sweet hearts, as pure as cotton

a graceful peace

the world's forgotten


A ground abound with booming


where greyhounds run through trickling streams


Enchanted lands where lovers


and dance about a fashioned way


A golden land of looby


A holy land of mucker lubbers


Where the happiest Mucker Lubber

reigns as King

and rubs their furry bellies while they sing


A good old king - is Mucker Lubber

a looby galoot of golden color

happy and buoyant like his mother


And in the land of mucker lubbers

there are looby galoots

of every color


But King Mucker Lubber wants no tax

because all the little bears

would have to break their backs


And in the land of teddy bears

smiles are the currency

and that’s why there’s ain’t no worries, see!


And none of the little looby bears

hoard their smiles

and that’s why there ain’t no bank for miles


And good ole King Mucker Lubber

only has one rule

and it's never enforced from a golden stool


But Mucker Lubber has a stutter

so his Golden Rule is

Lub your Neighbor – Lub, lub your Brudder”


So hand in hand they all embrace

every fur of every race


with smiles, as the currency

and that’s why there’s no worries, see!


For this is the Sweet land

of Teddy Bears

where Choo-choo trains run in pairs     


Poverty – Hunger – War

and Crime

Hoe-De-Hoe kids – It’s just a rhyme


But as for me, I always


to be among them all the time


Here, in the Sweet Land of

Teddy Bears

where button eyes pen no tears









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